Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip

During Christmas 2007, the wife and I escaped to the Grand Canyon for two days. Throwing caution to the wind, we went for hotel rooms when the sun went down. The hotel rooms were booked solid at the entrance to the park and the rooms inside the park were pretty spendy. This is in the middle of winter!

The unplanned search forced us back to Williams AZ about 60 miles away. Williams turned out to be a nice little tourist town to spend the night in. Of course there were about 30 motels from various decades past and we didn't have much time to check them out. We got very lucky with The Lodge on Route 66. The rooms and staff were great and very reasonable for the touristy area.

If you find yourself looking for accomodations in that part of the world (Britt B I am looking at you) and the vacancies are scarce may I recommend this little place down the road. I can vouch for the Lincoln room.

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